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2. "Schönefeld" Airport.
S-Bahn connection: take the S-Bahn Line S9 directly from the Schoenefeld Airport Station. Take off at the Spandau Train Station. The trip takes ca. 60 mins.

Train Stations:
1. "Hauptbahnhof". (ca. 30 min.):
Take the S-Bahn line S75 or S9 (direction: West) and take off at the Spandau Station.

By Taxi: The trip takes ca 20 mins. Price: 20,-€.

2. From Messe Süd Take the S9( direction: Berlin Schönefeld) or S75 S-Bahn Line (direction: Wartenberg) untill you reach Rathaus Spandau Stop ( 5 train stops).

3. Messe Nord /ICC
Take the S-Bahn Line S9 or S75 from Rathaus Spandau. After 6 train stops you reach Westkreuz train station: once there change train and take the „Ringbahn“ (Direction: Nord) and take off at the Messe Nord Train Station.

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  You can reach us (to a map)

from Bahnhof (S-Bahn Station) Spandau:
- By Foot: 8 mins.
- By Bus: 3 mins.
You can find the Bus Stop in front of the S-Bahn Station. Please take the Bus number 130 or 237 (direction Waldkrankenhaus) untill you reach the Dallgowerstraße Bus Stop. Our hotel is located in front of the bus stop.
- By Taxi : taxis can be found directly by the S-Bahn Station. The trip takes only 3 minutes.

1. "Tegel" Airport:
- By public transports: take the Underground Line U7 from the U-Bahnhof Rathaus Spandau Stop untill you reach Jacob-Kaiser Platz. Once there, take the Bus X-9 (Express) direction Flughafen Tegel. The trip takes about 15 minutes.
- By taxi: the trip takes ca. 10 mins, price: ca. 10,-€.